Scandinavian Rail Optimisation will assess the progress of the region’s use of the Internet of Things to date, the level of its capabilities, the practical steps on how to fully harness its growth, and how to mitigate the likely challenges to implementation.

Stockholm - 9 November 2022


9 November 2022

All times are Central European Time (CET)


Registration and Welcome Refreshments in the Exhibition Area


Ben Holliday | Managing Director | Rotaia Media &
Daniel MacGregor | Co-Founder | Nexxiot

Organisor and Chairman’s Welcome

Investments & Objectives for the region


Jan Edvinsson | Head of System Development | Trafikverket

New main lines – a new generation railway

  • Our task – new main lines
  • Future challenges
  • Business opportunities


Jan Schneider-Tilli | Programme & Development Director | Banedanmark

Interoperability, Technical standardization and Migration

  • The transformation from national developed technical rules to EN and industrial standards
  • The challenge to maintain safe migration when realising infrastructure is often old and not well documented.
  • Banedanmark has related to TSI-CCS an as ongoing transformation of all signaling from legacy to ERTMS L2 B3


Matt Miller | Global Transportation Industry Principal | Aveva

Developing industrial data ecosystems to drive digital transformation in rail

  • Challenges & requirements in deploying industrial data economies
  • How they are being deployed in transportation
  • Examples of how they are being used in rail and intermodals to drive transformation


Andy Billington | Specialist in Innovation, Digitalisation and Sustainability | RB Rail AS

Opportunities in a Greenfield Project

  • Rail and Logistics Digitalisation / Internet of Things
  • Standards for Identification and Data Exchange
  • Architecture and Integration


Charles Hull | Senior Consultant | Copperleaf

The journey from tactical to strategic asset management: Combining analytics with expertise to optimise performance

  • Predicting asset needs using long term asset modelling
  • Optimising Portfolio of Investments – understanding the value you get from rail investment
  • Balancing the strategic needs of stakeholders - cost, service and ESG - to deliver the best outcomes


Carlo Borghini | Executive Director | Europe's Rail Joint Undertaking

Europe’s Rail in motion!

  • Presentation of Europe’s Rail Programme
  • Impact for the Scandinavian network
  • Opportunities for participation


Morning Refreshments and Networking in the Exhibition Area



Jens Damgaard Gøtzsche | Head of Asset Management & Maintenance | DB Cargo Scandinavia

How to maintain locomotives more digitally

  • From reactive to predictive maintenance
  • Using data from sensors, locomotive engineers and workshop to optimize the planned maintenance.
  • Using AI technology in maintenance of locomotives


Stefan Kalmund | CEO | Nexxiot

TradeTech delivers for Rail Cargo - A vision for Scandinavia

  • Precision maintenance
  • Digital traceability
  • Applied TradeTech


Erik Halland | Director Rolling Stock | CargoNet AS

Digitalisation of freight trains and freight operations

  • Use of trackside sensors to make a digital twin of wheelsets
  • Winter operation in Nordic countries – an exercise in logistics and data acquisition
  • Continuously transfer of temperature data from a rolling wheel


Jonas Groes | Nordic Government and Infrastructure Leader | Ernst & Young

The value of including sustainability insights in asset management for civil infrastructure

  • Development of an integrated sustainability module that links ESG targets to existing systems and operationalizes sustainability measures
Ernst & Young


Ingo Paas | CIO | Green Cargo

Bringing sustainable innovation to the core of the business by accelerating innovation with composable technologies

  • Utilising a highly complex legacy to foster a data driven culture
  • Innovating together at the core of the business with rapid in-house development
  • Monetizing on innovation by enabling a business model transformation


Sami Kalevirta | Head of Digital Services | VR FleetCare

Implementation of Condition Monitoring on Railway Infrastructure - Results in Finland

  • How to obtain real-time information on the condition of the asset?
  • Track circuits and switches produce most of the traffic disruptions in Finland
  • Building a service around an affordable and scalable solution


Lunch and Networking in the Exhibition Area



Åsa Nordlander | Team Manager Fleet Information | SJ AB
& Maria Holmgren | Delivery area Manager IT Vehicle & Depot | SJ AB

Remote Diagnostics and Condition Based Maintenance at SJ

  • How SJ have started up and developed tools and ways of working
  • Insights we have gained
  • Our focus areas ahead


Javier de la Cruz | Managing Director | CAF Rail Digital Services

Key Indicators to Measure the ROI on Railway Digitalisation

  • The needed data management for an efficient maintenance plan
  • ROI measuring: from life extension to energy efficiency
  • Inspection tasks on service remotely: the needed data before the train arrives at the depot


Mattias Asling | CIO | MTR Nordic Group

MTR’s view on digitalization in railway

  • MTR’s view on opportunities within digitalization
  • How MTR utilize digitalization
  • Identified obstacles within digitalization


Christoph Jakob | Head of Sales | Siemens Mobility GmbH

Experience & Outlook with Secure Connectivity in Rail

  • What is Secure Connectivity in Rail needed for, what are challenges & benefits
  • Example of implementation at Siemens Mobility & best practices
  • What do we expect on how Secure Connectivity evolves in the next years


Iren Marugg | Legal Director | Norsk Tog

Norske tog- Procurement of new commuter trains/ Overall strategy and learning points

  • Overall strategy for the procurement of new commuter trains and rolling stock optimization
  • Presentation of the bidding process, requirements.and contract-structure
  • Reflections


José Antonio Marcos | Head Area Manager of Smart Maintenance Engineering | Talgo

Dynamic Maintenance Management Approach based on artificial intelligence and digital twins technology

  • Real time monitoring and smart data management
  • Application of Machine and Deep learning for diagnosis and RUL for prognosis
  • Maintenance Management System as a smart combination of predictive and preventive maintenance


Olli Nevanlinna | Vice President, Transformation | VR Group

Operation center transformation

  • Better customer experience for passenger and freight customers
  • Digital transformation
  • Short term planning and predictive disruption management


Rail Operators Panel Discussion

What can be achieved from digitising my railway operations?

  • As the demand for the modal shift from road to rail increases, what are your challenges in supporting future growth?
  • Are long standing, traditional standards and rules preventing, or at least slowing down Railways of maximising the full potential of new digital technologies which the industry has to offer?
  • How are you optimising digital solutions to obtain smart data to increase the efficiency and services of your operations?


  • Åsa Nordlander | Team Manager Fleet Information| SJ
  • Waqaas Rehman | Business Development Lead | InstaDeep
  • Mattias Asling | CIO | MTR Nordic Group
  • Ingo Paas | CIO | Green Cargo
  • Stefan Kalmund | CEO | Nexxiot
  • Matilda Bouchet | CEO | MOST


Afternoon Refreshments and Networking in the Exhibition Area



Jens Holst Møller | Chief Engineer | Banedanmark

Digitalisation through Radio based signalling

  • ERTMS and CBTC target systems
  • Fitment of all rolling stock
  • Integration of onboard and trackside


Peter Axelsson | Strategist BIM, Asset Information Management | Trafikverket

A lifecycle perspective on our asset information

  • Changes in mind and technology
  • Standardisation of information and processes
  • What do we gain?


Elisabeth V.B. Baardseth | Team Lead - Digitalisation and Technology, ERTMS Signalling System | Bane NOR

ERTMS implementation in Norway

  • Rollout status
  • Experience from the generic system process and relation to the actual implementation
  • Organisational adaption and challenges


Teea Kantojärvi | Senior Officer Specialist in Railway Infrastructure & Data Management | Vayla (Finnish Railways)

Developing asset management for the future

  • Developing asset management in Finnish Railways
  • Optimising data flow from design phase to maintenance and asset management
  • Future steps in data driven asset management


Infrastructure Manager Panel Discussion

How are you embracing the latest digital technologies to help you achieve a more intelligent infrastructure?

  • It could be argued that the rail industry is regimented by standards, rather than continuous learning. What do you feel needs to change to harness the latest digital solutions available to enable the rail sector to thrive in the 21st century?
  • How important is it for Railways to collaborate with solution providers as speed of innovation and systems based on AI are now key requirements in order to solve maintenance problems?
  • With the numerous digital solutions now available that collect Big Data, what are your challenges in distinguishing between the mass of data which is collected, and smart data that is useful to help you with your maintenance operations?


  • Elisabeth V.B. Baardseth | Team Lead - Digitalisation and Technology, ERTMS Signalling System | Bane NOR
  • Jens Holst Møller | Chief Engineer | Banedanmark
  • Teea Kantojärvi | Senior Officer Specialist in Railway Infrastructure & Data Management | Vayla
  • Peter Axelsson | Strategist BIM, Asset Information Management | Trafikverket
  • Christian Koczwara | R&D Scientist | Plasser & Theurer


Chairman’s Closing Comments


Drinks Reception

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